On Taking a Step Back from Social Media

When I joined Twitter in 2009, I didn’t think I’d be on it for long. I remember collectively we jumped ship from Myspace onto Facebook, though, as more of my family joined Facebook over the years, Twitter became a sought-after escape. (It can be quite exhausting to have to explain in-jokes to relatives, or to routinely note my sarcasm.) Twitter became my primary domain. I had found my own community of people whose interests in film, television, casual politics & current events, and penchant for joke-making overlapped my own. I had escaped one hell, and embraced the flames of another.  Continue reading

A 2018 Look at ‘Spider-Man 3’

Last night, before heading off to watch Venom, some friends and I gathered to behold the modern-day masterpiece known as Spider-Man 3. I’m half being ironic here because we expected to cover our eyes out of cringe-inducing embarrassment. What we found instead was a much more watchable film than any of us remembered. Spider-Man 3’s problems, like its unaffecting villains, are still there, but they are no more outrageous than the sins committed by some of today’s biggest studio misfires. Spider-Man 3 may have emerged as an unexpected gif-sensation, but it is also an interesting case study as far as where Sony was with its veritable Spider-Man franchise and, unfortunately, where it still is.  Continue reading

Best Reads of September

Stephen King stipulated 2 non-negotiable rules for all writers: read and write EVERY DAY. I’m ashamed to say that I don’t read books as often as I should, but I otherwise fulfill the latter any way I can. (Shout out to the collection of Sylvia Plath poems that came in 2 weeks ago and I still haven’t read.) My typical day as a freelancer involves managing company blogs during the day, and editing novellas and manuscripts at night. I am contingent upon staying at my laptop for as long as possible because if I peel away from my desk for too long, I am NEVER coming back.

So I take 15-20 minute breaks in between projects. Lots of them. Enough to cover an article and get my reading in before I resume staring at my computer for an even longer period of time. (A book is starting to sound really good right now.) What surprised me was that this routine left me with an entire folder full of bookmarked articles. I started sorting through them and I was left with a list of solid reading recommendations. These film essays, news reports, and profiles engaged my wandering mind and maybe they’ll do the same for you. Whether I’ll do this every month remains to be seen, but since I’m procrastinating super hard right now, I may as well be helpful to someone looking for a worthwhile read.

Continue reading

Best Summer Movies 2018

Summer movie season officially came to an end last week, but that’s hardly a bummer because in terms of studio filmmaking it’s been a truly remarkable one. I’m still pinching myself at all the movies we got to see. (I’m 70% sure M:I – Fallout was just a dream.) TIFF and Telluride are well underway with lots of buzz for the upcoming Fall slate. Don’t get pretentious with them Oscar bets just yet. Here are my picks for this year’s best summer movies.  Continue reading

What We Talk About When We Talk About Cancelling People

TV shows get cancelled. Movies get cancelled. Clothing lines and parades get cancelled. Cancelling people is trickier to grasp, but we do it all the time. Someone says something that doesn’t align with our values so we un-follow. We shame, ridicule, threaten a boycott; demand for a swift removal from their jobs and the public sphere. Cancel is a button we hit when shaming isn’t enough. It is, as far as public image goes, its own Thanos finger-snap. Right now, we’re snap-happy. This has attributed to an entire culture on social media that relishes the takedown of anyone remotely problematic, high-profile figures especially. (The bigger they are…) Anyone on any day of the week might get hit with the C-word, but what does it mean exactly? What does any of it mean if James Gunn gets cancelled, while someone like Les Moonves gets the benefit of the doubtContinue reading