Hello! My name is Adrian Manuel. I studied English and Creative Writing at Northern Arizona University (my parents are still recovering). I am currently working as a freelance writer and I manage this blog in between projects (again, still recovering).

“Adrian Vs. The World” began in the summer of 2011. I was always enamored with films and found that I had a lot to say about them. Everyone else, however, never shared my compulsion. I was often told that I was too critical of movies, so I was mistaken for someone who wasn’t passionate about them. But it’s the opposite that’s true. A blog seemed like the best way to unwind my opinions both honestly and constructively despite what others may say, hence the name “Adrian Vs. The World.”

This isn’t strictly an entertainment blog. Sometimes I write about writing (or not writing). Sometimes I write about life, love, and relationships (yawn, am I right?). I write about anything that I feel exceptionally passionate about. The sky’s the limit – my only limit being the amount of caffeine I can consume in a day (my PR is 6 cups, and that was not a fun day). Above all, I seek to entertain and inform. It is a privilege to be entertained and informed by me. I said so myself.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. celenagaia33 says:

    “My goal as a writer is to illustrate the true emotions of characters and their reactions to a world I’ve created. It’s truly fascinating to me how people follow their own paths and proclaim different beliefs that define them as a single person, yet all these individual voices are intertwined with each other and ultimately affect the world around them.”

    Exactly this. Though it’s taken me most of my adult life to put it into words resembling these, to define what it is I’m writing for. I went through my teenage years burying myself in anorexia because I believed, since there were so many other writers (better ones) out there, it seemed pointless to even try – and I couldn’t figure out what else I could possibly be, since from the time I learned to write in primary school, creative fiction/poetry was my *gift.*

    But as you so beautifully put it, everyone has their own inflections and nuances to put into writing. No two styles will ever be the same, and no writer should ever deny the world their style, or the inside of their mind.

  2. eurekascarlet says:

    I really thought that you are a Filipino when i first saw your gravatar! Until I ended up myself seeing your profile in your About Section. You do have an art skills in writing Adrian! Wish I could also have the interest to writes things up and be an observer of this world and write things up to share! Keep up the good work!
    Best of Luck!

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