‘Silence’ – Martin Scorsese’s Best Movie?

Today is Martin Scorsese’s birthday and I’m celebrating with a hot take. Scorsese is no stranger to pissing off the masses, whether it’s the Catholic church in reaction to The Last Temptation of Christ, or diehard Marvel fans in regards to him existing as a person. (He leads, I follow.) So I’ll say this straight up: Silence, out of a legendary body of work, just might be Scorsese’s best movie.

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Midnight Mass: Bev Keane and the Horrors of Zealotry

Every character in Midnight Mass is a believer in something and most of them are cool about it. Riley Flynn believes he’s damned, his mother Annie believes he’s worthy of God’s love, Erin Greene believes everything happens for a reason, and Dr. Sarah Gunning believes in science. (My girl ✊) They won’t dump any of this on you unless you’re having a one-on-one conversation with them.

Everybody on Crockett Island is level-headed about their faith. Except Bev Keane.

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