Writing About Film – Favorite Film Channels on YouTube

The more I write about film, the more I find myself challenged. There’s only so much a typical movie review can express. Sometimes, you want to dive deeper, or go beyond what’s “good” and what isn’t. Reviews may be the dominant form of film blogging, but I’ve been looking towards essays and the study of film beyond quality – its critique, interpretation, evaluation, etc. (I love reading reviews, I just don’t feel I add much to the conversation anymore). Some of the best essays on film are actually on YouTube. No, I’m not talking about Cinema Sins.  Continue reading

Writing About Film – Favorite Entertainment News Sites

How do you write about film?

This is a question I get asked the most frequently. I’ve never been one to open up about my process, but 100 posts in, it’s past time for me to pass some things along. Blogging has given me so much. I’d like to give back. This feels like a good place to start.

This might come as a shock, but I never set to writing about a movie or a topic straightaway. I read about it first. I think and I read. I obsess. I gauge other opinions and see what people have noticed, and more importantly, what they haven’t. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of entertainment news sites that inform and enlighten me on the movies I love. If you’re looking to start a film blog, maybe need some sources to refer back to, or just want to see where I steal my ideas from, you’re in luck. I’ve narrowed down five film websites that keep me obsessed daily. Film is an addiction and these sites make it worse in the best possible way.  Continue reading