Game of Thrones: ‘A Dance of Dragons’

game-of-thrones-season-5Episode nine has built itself quite a reputation in Game of Thrones’ history. It’s given us some thrilling sequences like the Battle of Blackwater, and the Attack on the Wall. It also ushered in two of the most painfully horrific, game-changing events in the series: Ned Stark’s execution, and the infamous Red Wedding. So how did season 5’s penultimate episode stack up amongst the rest? Well, let’s talk about it. Continue reading

Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere


Game of Thrones has built quite a reputation for itself. Not only is it the most popular show on TV, it’s also the most expansive in terms of both storytelling and fan base. Which is why the leaked episodes and the overwhelming response that followed didn’t surprise me. Audiences clearly want to dive back into this cold hard world. At the end of this season’s lukewarm opener, “The Wars to Come,” it’s hard not to clamor for more. Continue reading