Jurassic World


Some people never learn from the mistakes of others. Thank God, otherwise Jurassic World would never have seen the light of day. Director Colin Trevorrow fulfills Hammond’s grand vision of a fully operational park. And my, is it spectacular. Trevorrow has cooked up one of the best summer blockbusters this season, one that’s sure to please fans of the original while welcoming new attendees with open arms. What more do you want? It’s freakin’ dinosaurs! Continue reading

Revisiting Jurassic Park

jurassic_park_t_rex_bannerJurassic Park stands boldly and proudly as a monumental classic. As a franchise, however, it’s somewhat of a disappointment. With each subsequent outing, the filmmakers lost the essence of the original and hurled the franchise towards extinction. It would take the better part of a decade to even muster the courage to try again. Gearing up for Jurassic World, I’ll be looking back on the first three films to see how we ended up here, and why the series deserves to breathe life again on the big screen. Welcome back to Jurassic Park. Continue reading