Maui Film Festival: ‘Liberal Arts’ Review

When Josh Radnor comes to mind, you think “Ted Mosby, Architect.” I know I do. His role on How I Met Your Mother has cast quite a daunting shadow on the actor’s career. It makes you wonder if he’ll ever make a successful transition to film like his co-stars already have. Alyson Hannigan has starred in the American Pie franchise as our favorite band geek whose unhealthy attachment to her flute made her a comic delight. Jason Segel hit it big as writer and star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and last year’s memorable treat The Muppets. Cobie Smulders is already on the horizon after a sexy and fierce turn as Agent Maria Hill in this year’s must-see-it-more-than-once geek fest The Avengers. And don’t even get me started on Neil Patrick Harris. All that’s left is Josh Radnor. You’d think that maybe he’s just stuck in the boundaries of television. However, after getting the chance to see his new film Liberal Arts at this year’s Maui Film Festival, I think it’s safe to say that Teddy Westside can bring it.

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