The Lasting Terror of John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’

I talk a lot about Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead, but by far my favorite horror filmmaking story is John Carpenter’s Halloween. Both were low-budget independent horror movies, though with one key difference – Raimi had to scrounge for $300,000 to make his cabin in the woods-movie, whereas Carpenter was given that same amount for his movie about some guy in a mask. This was Carpenter’s first “blank check,” so to speak, where he had total creative control. Lo and behold, he’d go on to create a popular spooky season mainstay. (For Film Daze, I wrote about David Gordon Green’s Halloween. For the blog, I’m writing about John Carpenter’s original.)

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‘Halloween Kills’ Review – An Ambitious, If Otherwise Messy Slasher Sequel

It could have ended with the 2018 Halloween movie. There, I said it. That’s not to say David Gordon Green’s follow-up is unnecessary—just that it comes at tremendous cost. Halloween Kills is everything that its predecessor and originator aren’t: gory, blunt, LOUD. Make no mistake, this is a Halloween movie. Any self-respecting fan will recognize the callbacks to John Carpenter’s original. Halloween Kills, too, wants to throw it back to other slasher sequels that had characters rallying together to take on the boogeyman. Its reach exceeds its grasp, but Halloween Kills makes the cut as a dumb, brutal, and nonetheless ambitious entry in the legacyquel trilogy.

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Best Movie Moments of 2018

I live for the movie moment – the one scene where everything sings, soars, makes us speak in mad allusions. They’re happening all the time. Characters may literally break into song, or actually take flight. No matter how cheesy they might seem, the truly memorable ones tend to find you when you need them the most.

2018 is somehow both rapidly winding down and not even close to being over, because my do I still have a lot of film-catching up to do. This year was so stellar that it broke my usual top ten listing. It’s a weird number, but who cares. Here are my 11 favorite cinematic moments of 2018:

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