Favorite Movies of 2022 (So Far)

I’ve never done this before. I usually put out end of the year movie lists. It’s how I built the foundation of this blog and the routine I’ve stuck to year in, year out. I’ve toyed with doing a halfway list before, but I’ve never had enough to fill a top ten by summer.

Lo and behold, 2022 has been a MIGHTY year for movies so far that I find myself still buzzing high. (The fact that most of these movies are available to stream now is insane.) Whether these will make my eventual year-end list remains to be seen. I’ve been having such a good time that I just wanna stop and stare for a sec. This may be the year where I finally budge on my usual slot of ten, who knows!

These are my favorite movies in the first half of 2022.

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Favorite Movie Moments of 2021

I’m nearing the finish line of my 2021 wrap-up. First, my favorite movie moments.

I swoon endlessly about entire movies, but sometimes a moment can sing all on its own. It can be a single scene, a line, a shot, etc. These were the standouts, the ones I felt compelled to single out because they entertained me, shook me (some literally), or got the waterworks going above all the rest. I tried to stick to a top ten here, but I couldn’t relegate a few as “honorable mentions” because they simply stayed in my mind and on this list.

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Rebooting (and Redeeming) ‘Ready Player One’

Steven Spielberg adapting Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One sounds like a match made in heaven. King of the blockbuster, master stager extraordinaire, the rare filmmaker who deftly blurs the line between live-action and special effects. The novel itself has a filmic syllabus ranging from John Hughes, Stephen King novels turned movies, and late ‘70s & ‘80s sci-fi horror, so ideally Spielberg’s the one to navigate Cline’s vast pop culture terrain. He either inspired or directly had a hand in producing this nostalgic crop of cinema. So, why doesn’t Ready Player One feel like homecoming?

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