Linkin Park – ‘One More Light’ Album Review

There are two sides to every fandom: the “die-hard” and the “true” fan. The former sticks with a band through thick and thin, while the latter longs for the good ol’ glory days. With the release of Linkin Park’s seventh studio album, the rift in fandom has never been more potent, or hostile. While fans (including myself) are fretting over where they stand, either with this new poppy iteration of the band or the one that gave them Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park has made a firm commitment on where they reside artistically with One More LightContinue reading

Paramore – ‘After Laughter’ Album Review

You’d be hard-pressed to recall any band that made it beyond the Warped Tour circuit in its heyday. A launching pad for groups like New Found Glory, Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, and My Chemical Romance, the challenge has always been finding relevance in the mainstream. Both Yellowcard and MCR have disbanded, while New Found Glory and Fall Out Boy have managed to survive in a radio climate that favors EDM and big name stardom (NFG owed in large part to their loyal fanbase, while FOB being fortunate to have broad appeal). It’s do or die, and Paramore is no stranger to the credo.  Continue reading

2013: The Year of Paramore

Earlier this week, Alternative Press released a list of this year’s ten essential albums. Paramore’s self-titled effort was among the select few (number 2, in fact) and I couldn’t agree more. Though the album was released in April, I didn’t get a chance to review it, mostly because I’ve been rocking to it nonstop. So, to commemorate a well-deserved spot on a list dedicated to all things rock, I thought I’d finally give my take on my personal favorite album of 2013. Here’s my review of Paramore.

Continue reading