You Are Your Own Worst Critic

Criticism for any writer is a must. We need it as much as we hate it. How else are we going to improve our craft? In a world where creativity is everything, we have to know what works and what doesn’t. Do you care enough about a character to keep reading? Does the storytelling match the story? Though we may adore our own work, we have to learn to question it if we want to get to that next draft. That’s where criticism comes in. Now, I’m not an expert here nor have I been published, yet. But I have had extensive experience in writing workshops to know a thing or two about criticism and how to tolerate it. Luckily for you I’m going to share a few tips to try and help ease the pain. Most of all, I’m gonna show you that these critics aren’t so tough after all. They’re people too, just like me and you.

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