‘Prey’ Review: The ‘Predator’ Franchise Reaches a New Apex

This is as far as you go.”

For a while, it seemed like the Predator franchise had reached its limit. Two movie monster fights, that one with Adrien Brody, and a confounding Shane Black reboot left the series scrambling for an identity. Back to basics, then. That’s where PREY rediscovers itself as a gnarly creature-feature and rad action movie-play on Darwinism. “No more. This is it.” No more crossovers, no Adrien Brody cosplaying as tough guy, and no need for cleverness other than the protagonist outsmarting the big trophy hunter with a thing for spinal columns. Director Dan Trachtenberg nods to the heyday of Schwarzenegger, unearths a soulful frontier through a new lead and time period, and moves the franchise needle forward, finally. PREY is just a good old-fashioned survival story; a most dangerous game of death. It’s projectiles vs. tomahawks and It. Fucking. OWNS.

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The Epic Battle for Zion in ‘The Matrix Revolutions’

When I tell you that The Matrix hit a sweet spot for me as an 11-year-old obsessed with anime, I’m talking mainly about The Matrix Revolutions. Anime’s influence is all over the first two movies, but Revolutions was the one that took 2 of my favorite shows and remixed them like crazy – Gundam Wing and Dragon Ball Z.

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The Matrix Reloaded vs. Tenet – Highway Chase


This is my Star Wars or Star Trek or whatever sci-fi franchise have you. Instead of lightsabers and spaceships, it’s nothing but dope shades, high-flying kung fu, and Rage Against the Machine babyyyyy. I’m celebrating the return of a monumental franchise by taking a misty-eyed look back on all of my favorite things from The Matrix trilogy. First up, The Matrix Reloaded’s bonkers highway chase.

It’s such a ballsy set-piece 18 years later that I found myself wondering, “why hasn’t anything else come close?” But something has come close, or at least aspired to those ridiculous live-action heights: Tenet’s own forward-reverse highway chase.

I’m gonna have a little fun here by pitting the two against each other in a comparison game. Matrix Reloaded vs. Tenet. The Wachowskis vs. one Christopher Nolan. Who will win? Buckle up.

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Favorite Ridley Scott Movies

Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci came out over Thanksgiving weekend— along with a bevy of new releases both in theaters and on streaming that li’l ole me is having panic attacks trying to catch up. Gucci in particular is yet another notch for the prolific filmmaker, in a year where he also dropped The Last Duel.

Today just so happens to be Ridley Scott’s birthday. My man is 84-years-old and he’s staying BUSY. In honor of his special day, I’m looking back on his oeuvre and ranking my favorites from the man, the myth, and the absolute legend who entertains the masses and knows how to drop a dope soundbite or two.

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‘Dune: Part One’ Review – An Epic Sci-Fi Feast for the Eyes

As soon as that deep bellow erupted in the din of the theater, I was wholly (holy?) immersed in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune. When that tribal beat shook the shit outta my seat – rocking the theater and the surrounding area it felt like – my body was READY. Dune is far from the first blockbuster of the year yet it feels monumentally bigger than Godzilla fighting Kong, than Dwayne Johnson’s everything—larger than anything put out by Marvel or DC in 2021 put together. It’s amazing what filmmakers can achieve with a single frame when you’re patient enough to fill the panorama of the big screen. Many movies strive for a proper use of the word, “epic.” Dune is the only one so far this year where the word hardly does it any justice.

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