10 Horror Movies You Can Stream on Tubi Right Now

I may be on House of the Dragon mode at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I’ve coasted on the horror vibes this month. Bloodthirsty horror fans know spooky season isn’t limited to October, pumpkin spice, or Home Depot skeletons on people’s front lawns; it’s year-round babyyyyy. Nonetheless, ’tis the season. Some of you may be hitting overdrive on those horror movie marathons, so allow me to take you over the deep end.

TUBI is a free streaming service that doesn’t get recognized all that much. You’re more likely to see “Best Movies on Netflix/Disney+/HBO Max/Prime/Hulu.” I’m going against the grain. Did I mention Tubi is free? With ads, but still FREE.

Now that the big streamers are rolling out their ad plans, how about you save some money this Halloween? Less subscriptions = more candy. Here are my favorite horror movies that you can stream for free on Tubi. (A lot of these titles are on paid streaming services, yet are also available on Tubi. You do the math.)

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