Best Films of 2016

I may be a bit late to the party considering the Golden Globes aired last Sunday, but the Oscars won’t be announcing their nominations until the 24th so we’ll say this list was right on time. Then again, I’m not a member of the Academy so screeners don’t get sent my way. I have to watch movies the old-fashioned way – guilt-tripping my friends into coming with me then bribing them with food (you offer to buy dinner after the movie, so they have to stay). Here are the top ten films I gladly coerced people into seeing with me.  Continue reading

‘The Witch’ Review: Something Wicked This Way Comes

new-witch-bannerMuch has been said about the baby-snatching witch and the ominous Black Phillip (a goat that may or may not be a stand in for Lucifer), but the most chilling image in The Witch is that of the woods. Having been banished from the village, a family sets out into the wilderness of the unknown. They join hands and pray for a safe journey, unaware that they are embracing the very fear that will soon beset them. A screech of violins looms in the background, infused with the blood-curling moans of sirens as the camera zooms in on the nearby tree-line. We might as well be staring into the gates of Hell. Even more foreboding, perhaps we are.  Continue reading