Best Bathroom Fights

What is it about bathrooms that make for great set-pieces? Toilets, sinks, soap dispensers, and hand dryers don’t exactly scream action, but easily broken ones sure do! (At least you know it’s gonna be a clean fight.) Whoever made these flimsy bathrooms either really suck or are low-key geniuses. Mission: Impossible – Fallout has been promising the mother of all bathroom fights so, to prepare, here are some epic cinematic toilet tussles that Fallout will have to live up to. I mean, shit literally goes down. Excuse the cheap pun, it’s been a really shitty week. That was the last one.  Continue reading

Best Films of 2013

What do we mean when we say “best film”? Films that have garnered unanimous praise? Films that launch an endless buzz of awards consideration? Yes, the best films usually do get people talking. But to me, the best films of the year are quite simply the ones that stay with me long after I’ve left the theater. The ones that pull me in and won’t let go, the ones with the power to move me even as I sit comfortably in my seat. What I’ve compiled here is a list of movies that have struck me emotionally as a viewer and left the storyteller in me completely floored. These movies have either devastated me or inspired me, sometimes both. These aren’t the kinds of films that are forgettable, but rather linger in your heart whether you want them to or not. Lucky for you, I’m here to tell you all about them and why you should see them if you haven’t already. Continue reading